Questions to Ask Your Home Inspection Company

How long have you been in business? This question may seem tricky, but we will try to highlight why it is important. The first thing to note is that every Long Island home inspector must have gone through some training and certification. This does not automatically make them competent to handle your brief. The answer to this question can determine if you should look in another direction or if you should stick with the company. It must be stated that you must give room for new businesses to prove themselves. As long as you are comfortable with what they offer, you must allow them to show what they can do.

How long does it take you to carry out a home inspection exercise? This question will help you to get pointed answers. On the average, it takes a few hours to conduct a thorough home inspection. This can be a unique experience if you want to company to work in an estate. This question helps you to put a timeline on their service and leaves no room for negative surprises. Any company that is unable to answer this question does not deserve your money. It must be stated that you can tweak this issue to suit the particular project that you want to embark upon.

How much does your service cost? This is a question that many people avoid, but it is important to ask. You do not want to have a huge bill hanging on your neck which you may not be able to pay. Most companies have standard rates for the different types of service that they offer. If you feel that you can get some discount, you can begin by asking this question. The average business person does not want to lose his clients, so he will do whatever it takes to give you a lasting solution. Time and again, the price war remains something that keeps companies on their toes. You can wield this question and see things before to work to your advantage.

Do you use Thermal Imaging? Although most companies use Thermal imaging to carry out home inspections, few organizations do not have this tool. This may not be the deal-breaker, but it can give you an idea of what you should expect. In a sense, companies that use Thermal imaging have a more robust service framework. Also, thermal imaging gives precision to the work of the home inspector. If you feel this is not necessary based on your peculiar circumstance, you can overlook this question.

Have you handled this type of project in the past? If your home has so many amenities that may not be found in a conventional house, this is a good question to ask. You must be sure that the company that you have engaged can meet your needs. If you have any concerns about their ability to deliver, you can quickly switch to a more competent company. It is important to mention that many top home inspection companies in Long Island can handle large-sized projects.

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